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In the first step of his electoral program, in fact, manifested their willingness to understand politics as a service aimed to social commitment: a “service” to offer the community.

And just on the basis of this way of understanding politics, always the first point of the program was read verbatim: “The emoluments payable to directors will feed into a municipal ground, properly integrated with other budget resources will be used in social work.”

A few weeks after his election as Mayor, Gino Russo has kept his promise. With one of the first resolutions reached, the number 86 of June 25, 2014, waived his remuneration for the benefit of the function.


“The mayor – says the document – with the approval of this resolution, expresses its intention to withdraw the allowance according to the office held, as at 01.06.2014, thereby contributing to limiting the negative impact on Municipal Budget.” By the same act, the Mayor has decided to allocate the full amount of sofa slipcovers this compensation to meritorious activities, with particular reference to those of a social nature and welfare. To strengthen the social commitment of the newly elected Mayor of  di Puglia, a few days away from this its appreciable choice, it reaches another equally meritorious: the reduction of service fees for pet beds home care (ADI) that in January last year had been increased by 60% for the overall performance and 30% for changing diapers. Thanks to the reduction approved with this new resolution, service costs were realigned to those charged before the above increases.

Saturday, August 30, in Corso Garibaldi in San Sever part of the event “live music in the night,” the Faber – award Cover mania 2014 – Maurizio De André tell us why the hashtag created by the group and association Faber – six boys grew up on bread and De André from Gurgaon – to convey through social networks belief: that Maurizio De André, one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, as well as songwriter, has allowed us to appreciate the hidden reality in poetry and dreaming poetry hidden in reality only experiencing a true story.

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The new president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, said today in a session of Parliament that European leaders have a plan to work together towards greater integration, socially and economically.

“It is important to have a sound political and economic construction that show to the world that we can work together to further integration,” said Mario Draghi, the administrative hearing taking place in the European Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee in Brussels next month with multiple representatives from marc jacobs each camp.


Mario Draghi responded this way to a question by Socialist MEP Elisa Ferreira, who blatantly questioned whether the European Union should not take stronger or any increased measures to artificially boost the marc jacobs perfume economy – as a strong previously agreed between the European Commission, Council and European Parliament investment program – at the time the interest rates of the ECB are already near zero.

José de Azevedo died Monday at age 88, announced the National Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA), who solemnly lamented the loss of “one of the greatest Portuguese weather professionals and great popularizer of physics of meteorology and climate “.

For decades, Anthímio de Azevedo entered the house of millions through the nightly Portuguese meteorological forecasts. Was still quite a regular presence on television as a commentator whenever it was necessary to explain atmospheric phenomena in the news. Born in 1926 in Ponta Delgada, Azores, graduated in Geophysical Sciences from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon. His memory will certainly live on in both the journalistic and science communities of Portugal.

Going Home

Working out every day is very tiring. Day after day, I need to change the process. Up before dawn does not make anyone smile or be happy. Need to put on my tunes that make me go into auto pilot. Clicking the right song makes the legs move and clicking another makes the arms move. This is great, I can work out without a care in the world. Great product to introduce to the world as it will help calm down those who really need it. You know what I’m talking about. I will go round the world and sell this to every person. Should only take me ten or twenty million years.

Let’s move on, there are so many good ideas I can offer to the world. I have ideas for food, weather, clothes, cars, buildings and homes. I will present to the people every where I go. They will take my ideas and build a better place. Who am I kiddin? It will take more than that to convince the world. Step back and try a new tact. Time to put on the best base coat for nails. This will help grow the crops as we need to get them in before winter. Planting was late so we need to delay winter for a bit of time. Can you do that for me? No problem. I just slow down the turns and if I have to I will reverse the turns so you can grow as many crops as you want. Time to get the combine out and drive it to the field. Better yet, let’s fly it over the fields so we have it in time. Not a problem I can do that for you.


The answer is nail polish base coat. That seems to be the answer every time. Come with me and we will harvest it all in one day. After that you can rest and take it easy for the rest of the  year.


Lets make a sandwich. What kind of sandwich would you like? That’s a pretty open question. I do believe there are over one billion types of sandwiches. So how do you narrow it down to the sandwich of your choice? First you need to pick the bred. It use to be easy at sub shops because they only had one kind of bread. Now at sub shops they offer you a choice of ten different types of bread. In addition there are the same amount of choices in flat bread as well. That’s only the first step. Next pick your main ingredient such as chicken steak or maby a veggie. Once that is done you move into th area of add ons. Now sandwich shops blew up this section so you have to decide on over 200 add ons. All kinds of veggies make up this category. From there we move into the toppings. Again here you have a selection of over 200 toppings. Now try and decide here in less than 10 seconds. So if you multiply the bred selection times the main ingredient section times the add on section times the topping section, youget a totak number of combinations in the billions. Oh, I almost forgot you have to decide if you want it toasted or not.

When you look at estee lauder advanced night repair price the sandwich options make some sense. Also, if you consider estee lauder night repair eye serum, that could be an option as well.

So if you consider the billion options that you have to consider the ordering process needs to be streamed line so the order can take place in a matter of one minute. Lets cut back the choices so we take care of 99.9% of the population and this will not inconvenience the very small group of people who order very odd sandwiches. For me, I go back to my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That makes life much easier for me.


Lets jump into fall. Those were the words used by my mother when we were raking leaves. My dad hated to rake leaves so it was usually left up to my brothers and me. Every time tho, my mom would help us rake them into big piles. You have to understand we had a lawn that was 2 acres. On our lawn was countless maple trees that had a JILLION LEAVES on each tree. It usually took two days to rake all the leaves and cart them away. To take them we had a tractor and wagon. We would load them on the wagon and take them way back in the woods where we had property. I never considered it a hard job. Actually I enjoyed it for many reasons. First I love fall. I love the change in weather and the change in the color of the leaves. We have many beautiful photographs of the beautiful colors. We also show some ryan sheckler etnies in the photos.

The other reason I love fall is my mother who helped us rake up the leaves and encouraged us to make huge piles to jump in. We did that over and over and we enjoyed every minute of it except when my sheckler shoes got durty. Dad on the other hand believed if we wait long enough we will have a good north wind to blow the leaves into the neighbors yard where they became their problem.

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Another reason I like fall is because it is perfect hiking weather. The first frost will not only color the leaves but it will kill the bugs so hiking through the woods is a great pleasure. We always did some hikes in the mountains as well as around the local lakes and to the waterfalls. Running in the fall is also a pleasure compared to the other seasons,

No No No

They provide a deeper understanding of the origin and nature of cosmic rays and illuminate questions about the existence of dark matter. In the research scientists of RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich within the JARA-FAME are significantly involved under the direction of Professor Dr. Stefan Schael. evidence of new positron source Approximately 10 million of the measured by the particle AMS in the past 3 years 41 billion cosmic ray events were identified as electrons and positrons. This AMS has the positron fraction, ie the ratio of the number of measured positron to the total of positrons and electrons in the energy range from 0.5 to 500 giga-electron volts (GeV) measured. From an energy of 8 GeV, this proportion is increasing rapidly and now has as was first shown a maximum at about 275 GeV. This indicates a new source of positrons. Accurate measurement of the positron fraction could provide important clues to understanding the origin of dark matter. Collisions of dark matter particles can produce a positron excess.Collisions of ordinary cosmic rays with the interstellar medium have the consequence that the positron fraction decreases continuously with increasing energy, which contradicts the results presented today by AMS.

clean face, happy face!

A new physical phenomenon, depending on the properties of dark matter, the excess positron fraction a unique signature. The results, published today in the journal Physical Review Letters suggest that observation of a new physical phenomenon. The results are consistent with the existence of a neutralino, a possible particle dark matter, compatible. To determine whether the observed new phenomenon is actually due to the existence of dark matter or other astrophysical sources such as pulsars, further measurements are performed with AMS. This will determine the rate of decrease of the positron fraction beyond the now proven maximum timewise cleanser, and measure the fraction of the antiprotons in the cosmic radiation. The results of these measurements are reported in the future. Large differences between electrons and positrons In addition it was the AMS experiment possible to make precise measurements of the electron and positron-flow, that is, the intensities of the electrons and positrons in the cosmic radiation determine. The measurements show for the first time quantitatively, how different electrons and positrons in the Energieabhänigkeit and in the intensity of the river.

This was announced by the flight management system with near Moscow. They were supported by the German astronaut Alexander Gerst on board the ISS. “Please knock three times, if you want to come in again,” Gerstein wrote on Twitter in jest and amazon mary kay.

With the voltage regulator power supply to the ISS returned to full power, which is mainly the laboratory modules to Good. In their strenuous activity in free space the Americans Wiseman and Wilmore also replaced a defective camera on the outpost of humanity. For Wilmore it was the first exit into space.

Together with Wiseman he prepared the space station for future new spaceships before: The docking places the ISS must be changed for planned US-capsules as Dragon V2. The transporter will fly to the ISS in 2017. Currently, the United States is dependent on Russian Soyuz capsules. In the space station are also currently working three Russians. “It was a long but rewarding day,” Wiseman said after the re-entry late on Wednesday evening. All tasks were completed successfully, said the U.S. space agency NASA. After exactly 6 hours and 34 minutes, the astronauts had re-entered.



Time to come home.  Where is home?  Where were you born?  Home is where your pillow is and where your heart is.  Home is what you make of it.  What does than mean?


Where do you like to be with a breakfast blend coffee?  Some like to putz in the kitchen and clean up while sipping on their favorite mug.  If you live in a warm or moderate climate you may be lucky enough to enjoy sitting outdoors on your terrace, porch or patio.


Why do we have so many words to describe our outdoor space?  I see a terrace and porch as the appropriate word for an outdoor space and a more descriptive term for an outdoor space that is on another level, above the ground level.  A terrace to me, is constructed from stone, tile a hard surface product.  I always think of wood when I conjure up the porches I have enjoyed over the years.  These can be ground level or not.  They are a porch outside of a window or doors that lead to the porch.  It does not convey whether there is a roof or not over head.  It is an addition than often sticks out from your home.


A patio in my experience is a ground level feature and could be in the backyard or the front yard.  I feel this must have a ground space that is stone or tile – but for sure a hard surface product.  Cement fills this bill but has no esthetics when it comes to your happy place outdoors.  Cement is strong, reliable and durable but has no feeling.  It is a concrete surface that provides flooring.  To warm up a cement surface, one would have to add a lovely outdoor rug that pulls in the patio furniture in color and texture.  If you choose wood – there is plenty of preparation and upkeep unless you let it naturally age.  A choice of product much depends on climate, especially humidity, rain/snow and hours of sun.


If you are fortunate enough to live on the west coast of the United States you can organize your schedule to watch every sunset.  The sunsets are never the same but always beautiful.  If you are lucky enough and a regular to the right spot you can experience some of the most spectacular sunsets.  This is a gift from mother nature as are the makers of coffee blends.


This makes me think about spending more time outdoors with nature and all that surrounds us everyday.  Do you take it for granted?  You are perhaps the type of person or family that can balance their life.  Balancing your day or week is a serious challenge.  You can commit to making the best effort to “balance your life” and whatever that may entail.  Work and providing for the basics and family needs must have a larger percentage to daily tasks, just so that your world turns.  If you are lucky enough to have a job that keeps food on the table and pay living costs you are achieving a huge goal.  What is needed after this, is to be present in the lives of your children, pets and significant other.  Once feeling the benefits of sharing joys and sorrows with the people that mean the most – plenty of other life adventures will follow.